About Us

Madison Fireworks Organization, Inc.

The Madison Fireworks Organization, Inc. (“MFO”) was founded in 2002 as a non-profit organization dedicated to organizing and raising funds for the Town of Madison, Connecticut’s annual Independence Day fireworks display.  

After the events of September 11, 2001, many Madison residents and businesses felt it was important to continue to the annual tradition of a July 4th fireworks display in order to honor our nation’s independence and maintain our community’s patriotic spirit.   While fiscal challenges had forced the Town of Madison to eliminate funding for the fireworks, a group of individuals formed the MFO as a non-profit organization and obtained federal 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in order to collect private donations and fund the annual fireworks display.

Thank you to all the volunteers, contributors, town officials, and members of our Madison community that make this event a memorable part of our summer each year!  MFO is run entirely by unpaid volunteers who dedicate their time and resources, and 100% of the funding for the fireworks is raised through private donations from individuals and businesses in the community.  The Town of Madison provides police and emergency services for the event, as well as shuttle bus service to the Surf Club recreation area on the evening of the fireworks display.

Committee Members:

Steve Adkins, President
Russell S. Brinn, Vice President & Secretary
Kerry Holmes, Treasurer
Peter Jay Baskin, Fundraising Co-Chair
Diana Hartman, Fundraising Co-Chair
Nancy Bennett
Frasier Esty
Lisa Kronauer
Hilary Holmes Mezzi
Barbara Parker
William Sargent
Richard Vancil
Dani Linn Woods